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Hotter than the Rest. Better than the Best.


Pioneer in floor caring (a Xiaomi ecosystem brand)

Auto-Cleaning & Drying

Wash, Mop, Dry, and Vacuum

Brand Story

Our Selection - Osotek

Our Selection - Osotek

Freeing People From Tedious Cleaning:

OSOTEK is a brand that provides innovative solutions to challenging home and floor cleaning problems. We not only produce cleaning products but are creating a whole new, improved lifestyle in the world of surface cleaning.

Make Smart Cleaning a Lifestyle:

OSOTEK believes in producing cleaning products that get the job done and in creating solutions that can be integrated into everyday life. The technology allows to deliver cleaning solutions that are safe, easy to use, and a joy to have in the household.

Brand Ambassadors

Open Box Collaboration

Open Box - Test Product

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