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The first Self-Sealing & Self-Changing trash can

Smart Trash Can

Yes, it’s that easy!


Tech-Infused Scandinavian Design

Brand Story

Our Selection - Townew

Our Selection - Townew

Townew is an automatic trash can inspired by a need in every household and business – a more hygienic and easier way to manage our waste.

Since its launch, Townew has already proven its success with over 1700 preorders in a month, reaching 895% of its goal on Indiegogo in 2019.

Currently, 50 000 units of Townew are sold every month in Asia and North America. A stable supply is backed by a production capacity of 3,000 units a day in our factory. 

The trash can is not your only source of revenue. Townew works exclusively with a patented Refill Ring Trash Bags – available in 100% recyclable and biodegradable versions as well, so you will have a steady source of recurring revenue after the sale of the trash can.

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